Fetta’s Greek Tavern, Cairns, AUS

When in Australia, one must eat Greek!  Was on a tour bus on somebody mentioned this great Greek place in Cairns.  Sounded good so decided to check it out.  The name — Fetta’s Greek Taverna.


Got there, got a table and right away we knew this was authentic Greek.  Was tough to understand the staff because of accents, we could not figure who our waiter was vs who the (apparent) drink order taker was.  We asked a lot of questions and the waiter sort of gave answers but we couldn’t totally understand him.

Most important thing for me to get at a Greek place is an appetizer and we and opted for the Melitzana, an eggplant, onion & garlic dip.


After that we decided to split several small dishes.  We went for dolmas, a village salad (with true feta) and octapapodi (octapus marinated in olive oil, vinegar, garlic & oregano).


For wine, the waiter wasn’t overly helpful but this guy sitting next to us piped in and gave us amazing help and suggested a wine I would not have jumped on, but so glad I took his advice.  We opted for the Bay of Stones Merlot.  Not what I would expect from a Merlot.  This was another amazing dinner in Great Barrier Reef world.  This place is just great!


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