Dundee’s, Cairns, Australia

April, Cairns, Australia. It’s the place you go to visit the Great Barrier Reef.  You get off the plane and it’s upper 70s to low 80s.  Heaven!  Can we bring some of that to the DC-area…PLEASE?

The first night there we walked around and checked out menus for dinner and finally decided on Dundee’s, which is one of the many restaurants right on the water.


While going through the menu of course some wine was needed.  We opted for some (get Austin Powers in your head) Mojo.  Very nice Shiraz from Barossa Valley.


After much going through the menu we decided on one of their very popular dishes to get a true local flair, the Australian Sampler Plate — A taste of Australia’s most popular cuisine – chargrilled eye fillet, pan seared wild barramundi, kangaroo striploin satays, crocodile tail satays, emu chipolatas and a tiger prawn satay served with honey roast sweet potato, teriyaki, spicy peanut and plum sauces with lemon beurre blanc.

We also decided to get some salad to have a bit of veggie, so went for Rocket & Apple Salad and Mixed Leaf Salads.

That mix of meat was so unique.  I’d had the ‘roo, but the croc was pretty cool.  Similar to gator.  The emu was nice.  Praws, just like shrimp.  The barramundi was great.  All this, the salads and that wine…glad the hotel was about a 2 minute walk away.


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