Went to a party. Wine, food…champagne. A discussion started about the fun way to open a bottle of bubbles. That would be Sabering (or apparently Sabrage, per Wikipedia). You basically use a long object, slide it along the bottle until it hits the cork it and, voila, you have access to the fine liquid. I had seen this several years ago in Deer Valley and it was fascinating. Would I ever have the opportunity to do so myself?

Well, there were countless bottles available at the event I was attending, a device available and no takers at the offer to saber. I had to step up! Why would nobody want to saber (open) a bottle of bubbly? It’s one of those small dreams come true. I got a small pep talk, then all the info I really needed (line for the saber, speed, where to start). All cameras were on me. And so it went…



Apparently I did well. It was so much fun. I had the bottle in hand at the end. The cork was found later. Very interesting to see the remains. Would love to open a bottle of bubbles like this each time I’m ready to say cheers!



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