Easy Wrap-Up Dinner

So I’m a bit late writing about a quick, easy wrap-up dinner I made for Sunday night.  It only took a few minutes but gave so many flavors that it was just perfect, and it was lactose free!  Served some wine with it and it made going back to work on Monday even worse.  Always think…make things easy…use this during the week if you want to.

I had a yellow squash that had been around for a few days that I needed to use before it went bad.  So I just sliced that and put it in a pan for a bit until it was cooked to the level I wanted.  A few minutes before it was done, I threw some grape tomatoes in the pan just to have them ‘pop.’  I’d been craving shrimp, so I pulled some of the frozen one out of the freezer earlier in the day.  I just pan seared those about half way through the cooking of the yellow squash.  Oh, for spices on these, I just picked one of my Penzey’s blends.

I looked in my fridge for what else to serve.  Had some grapefruit that I always love and they are highly recommended to eat before a meal (if you’re able to) — just having it on the plate was good enough for me.  Served a couple pieces of that.  And I can never turn olives down.  Threw some of the greek ones from Trader Joe’s on there.  Had also grabbed some bread earlier in the day and just did some olive oil, S&P for dipping.


Next, the vino!  At the liquor store outside of Annapolis this time, Edgewater Liquors, the recommendation was La Mondianese Grignolino.  Was about $16… Very light, refreshing…will have to get more.


Also had a little bit of Cline’s Cool Climate Pinot Noir.  This is one of my favorites.  Since it’s grown where the temps don’t rise a ton (I learned the specs once and don’t remember all the details), it has a different taste than the other Pinot.  It’s usually about $18-$20.


Love finishing the week with a nice dinner before starting a new one.


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