Saturday Wine Tasting

Saturday is a great day.  It’s the weekend, (hopefully) you don’t have to work, and many wine shops have tastings.  It provides the opportunity to sample a new wine — you can explore new regions, new varietals, new everything.  You tempt your palette and might realize there is a whole world of grapes out there you never knew about!

Right down the street from me I visited Cork & Fork this weekend for their wonderful sampling.  We had five to enjoy.

#1 Kaltern Pinot Grigio.  *Note – this is the closest site I could find to link to for info because they don’t have their one.  Pretty sharp and heavier than most Pinot Grigio.  Very good.  You could serve this alone, with appetizers or chicken, shrimp or pasta for dinner.



#2  Bebe Sparkling Rose (scroll to bottom).  While seeing it in the bottle I had my doubts about the sparkle.  But once it’s poured, wow.  Those bubbles were definitely there.  The first thing I tasted was strawberries.  After that ‘just’ berries.  Perfect for summer.  And, it’s in a great bottle that doesn’t have a traditional champagne cork, you just flip it off, so you can easily re-use the bottle for olive oil in the kitchen or something of the like.


#3  Barnard Griffin 2013 Rose of Sangiovese.  Need to serve very cold.  Crisp, fresh with citrus notes.  This might be a bit too heavy to drink just alone.  Would definitely need something to pair it with, even if just some simple appetizers.


#4 Les Allies Sauvignon Blanc.  *Note – no site available to provide more info.  This white was so light, its color was close to water vs. some other whites (Chardonnays) that are very dark yellow.  Crazy how clear it was.  All I can say about it is give me a peach, then a peach, then can you please hand me another peach.  Very nice!


#5  Maestrale Barbera D’Alba.  Save the best for last — red.  Start with some currants then finish off with some black licorice.  Interesting how the flavors changed as it went down/through the palette.  Very, very nice red.


Another great wine tasting to expand knowledge of wine, taste new varietals and see what else is out there to fill the wine rack.  I love going to these because I have my love of Pinot Noir and Shiraz/Syrah and I have become so much more educated about what is out there with a simple sip.  All is takes is a walk down the street or a couple mile drive to expand the love of wine.  Sip on my friends, sip on.

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