Whole Food(s) & Wine

Had to get that great Before & After thought in there again as much as possible.  So a couple weeks ago, I saw this amazing sign outside of the Whole Foods in Glover Park/Georgetown (DC) for their Wednesday night $5 for 5 wines and 5 food bites.  What, what, did I read that wrong?  Really, I know I just walked out of the gym, I’m tired, dehydrated, want some food (and likely wine) but what did that say?  But I did read it right!  Every Wednesday from 5:30-7pm they feature 5 wines (in two ounce pours) accompanied with a nice snack for five bucks!  Whoa!  Bring…it…on!  I am proud, yet almost ashamed, that I finally (only finally) made it down there this week.

And the night began.  So as the first timer, I walk in, see wine in the non-wine section (aka produce) and see people with glasses and paper.  Of course I have to ask who/what/when/why/where??  Deer in headlights.  Simple…go to the express lane, pay five bucks and get the (take home!) wine glass (that you can bring back, or any wine glass, for a dollar off…four dollars!) and summary/rundown sheet for the five tasting stations.  Money paid, game plan set.


Station #1:  Wolftrap Syrah Mourvedre Viognier.  Ok, every nose and palette is different.  It smelled like swiss cheese to me…yes, you read that right, but oh, oh, oh, down so smooth, with some berries then smoke, in a nice, clean sense.  The even better thing?  It was on sale from it’s normal X price (don’t what that is) to $10, then we got an extra buck off!  I CAN NOT wait to go to South Africa next year to taste this stuff on site!  This was served with breaded eggplant (couldn’t have it because of cheese…heard it was good).


Station #2:  Another visit to Sugarloaf with the Sugarloaf Mountain Pinot Grigio.  They are just north of DC and offer a great escape for a day.  Crisp, citrus-y with a hint of peach.  A great summer white, cool and refreshing!  Retail price around $17 or so.  This was served with shrimp prepared in coconut oil.


Station #3:  Take me to Italy for some Cesanese Lazio Volepetti.  Nice medium bodied-red.  I kept trying and trying, and trying and trying to nail down a nose or flavor and couldn’t do it.  It was a nice wine.  I drank it, I would drink it again, but I’m only writing home about it for my blog.  Apparently they couldn’t keep it in stock after the tasting.  I bought the bottles of #1, not for the price (score!) but for the wine/taste proper.  Each one to their own…more for me!  Side note, retail price for this one is around $12 or so.  This was served with salami, (hard parmesan), and french bread.


Station #4:  Parlez vous francais?  Avez-vous un peu de vin?  Merci beacoup.  Yes, I speak French and I had French wine.  Rose, to be exact.  We tasted Aime Roquesante Rose.  If you want the site in French, check it out.  Pink is about the most I could say about it.  It was a dry vs. a sweet rose which was nice but I couldn’t equate it to anything, really, flavor-wise.  Would be good to have handy as a light wine for summer.  It did have a cool bottle, as in the non-uniform shape.  Overall, it was nothing to write home about again just good info to write (on) a blog about.  Retail price around $13 or so.  And as I note this, I must say again everybody has totally totally different wine taste, go please go try it!  We had roasted chicken and rice with this one.


Station #5:  Pop! Cote Mas Cremant de Limoux.  Bubbly.  Great way for the tour end.  Nice fizz, nice light taste.  Retail price around $14 or so.  This was served with a little protein smoothie with huge chunks of delicious peaches.


This was yet another great was to just learn about new wines and expand the palette.  And for five bucks?  Can’t go wrong.  Happy happy hour!  And again, I am giving my tasting notes.  Everybody has different tastes and can like different wines.  Go out to your local store(s) for tastings or buy a bottle to share with friends.  Have a tasting party.  You will only learn more by exploring and socializing.  Sip on, sip on.

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