Japan #4: Beer…a button away

It’s Friday, the weekend is only hours away.  So what better to do than loop back to the Japan trip theme and talk about BEER???  T minus 4 hours until Happy Hour. 

There are beers around the world and I was looking forward to having true Japanese beer while in the country of origin.  But the best thing I found while there were beer machines.  What is that you ask?  You want a Coke, Sprite, Mountain Dew?  You go find that machine and throw in a couple bills and voila.  Over in Japan…OH, you can do the same thing for beer.  HEAVEN!  You can tell they aren’t as strict on the drinking (age) as we are.


Also want to highlight a couple of the beers I enjoyed, overall.  There is the ‘normal’  Sapporo, which I only had once.  I also only saw it on tap one time.  Otherwise I looked for the ones we don’t get here or I haven’t tried.  Pictures below (Asahi is the one also available in the machine).

Beer4        Beer5












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