Visit to the West Coast

I was quite surprised at my wine tasting last night (that I was preparing the food for).  I thought it would be all Oregon Pinots.  Well, not quite.


Cab2As soon as I get there, I am served a Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington.  My hosts are 90% Pinot drinkers and they said they were blown away by this wine.  I had a sip…smooth, velvety perfection.  Feather is the name, 2009 vintage.



Next, we moved moved down a state to where I expected us to be — Oregon!  We had an amazing Pinot Noir.  Penner-Ash is from Willamette Valley and we enjoyed the 2011 vintage.  Nothing can describe this wine unless you drink it.  Nothing.



Last but not least we took a trip to the most southern state on the West Coast.  We sucked it up and visited Cakebread.  Darn.  We sipped the 2010 Pinot Noir.  Life is good.

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