Ultimate Pinot Party

I’m part of a Meetup group that is in love with wine and hosted an event last night with the theme — Ultimate Pinot Party.  Guests had to bring a wine related to Pinot — Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinotage, Pinot Gris/Grigio/Blanc, etc.

Quite the selection came to the table.  I think the breakdown was roughly

3 Pinotage (my favorite, love South Africa)
Many Pinot Noir (Mendocino, Napa, Willamette Valley, other)
Pinot d’Alsace a blend of 3 Pinots: Blanc, Gris, Noir and Auxerrois
Pinot Meunier
Pinot Grigio
Pinot Blanc

There were likely a few others.  Some of them were empty come the end of the night!  Amazing to smell and taste the differences in vintages and regions, and of course varietals.  Cheers!






Visit to the West Coast

I was quite surprised at my wine tasting last night (that I was preparing the food for).  I thought it would be all Oregon Pinots.  Well, not quite.


Cab2As soon as I get there, I am served a Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington.  My hosts are 90% Pinot drinkers and they said they were blown away by this wine.  I had a sip…smooth, velvety perfection.  Feather is the name, 2009 vintage.



Next, we moved moved down a state to where I expected us to be — Oregon!  We had an amazing Pinot Noir.  Penner-Ash is from Willamette Valley and we enjoyed the 2011 vintage.  Nothing can describe this wine unless you drink it.  Nothing.



Last but not least we took a trip to the most southern state on the West Coast.  We sucked it up and visited Cakebread.  Darn.  We sipped the 2010 Pinot Noir.  Life is good.