Blue Star Brewing Company

Last Day in San Antonio…time to try some local brew.  I had seen this place on a super long exploratory walk (10+ miles) the first day I was there.  Now had 4+ hours to kill before catching my plane, why not walk a bit to check this place out for some local fare, in more ways than one?

So, walked a couple miles (south) on the Riverwalk to the Blue Star Brewing Company.


Checked out the beer menu and wanted to do a sampler.  You can pick any of their brews and get as many as you’d like in 4-oz. pours.  Great idea!  And they cost $1-$3 each.  After reading and reading the descriptions I finally picked four — I’m not going to start with more than a pint’s worth of beer.  And, some of the ABVs on these were high.


So I went with:

Texican:  South Texas Lager, dry, crisp & mild.  Flavors with leave you thirsty for more, 4.0% ABV. — This was my favorite!

Flying Pig:  Extra Pale Ale, Refreshing, beautifully hopped, well balanced light colored ale, 5.0% –  good hops, not overpowering.

Dunkelhead: Dark, bold and refreshing lager, 5.6% — not my style, glad I tried it, though.

Wheathead: Refreshingly satisfying wheat beer, ABV 5.2% — off/odd for wheat.  I was expecting more of a Hef.

There food was good.  Had a delicious salad with salmon.


Great way to close out my week in San Antonio.  Check this place out if you’re looking for some local brew and you’re in the area.


Continuing travel took me to San Antonio, TX.  I had only heard good things about Boudro’s so had to check it out.  It is known as a Texas bistro per their website.  Was able to snag a table outside — though it only in the upper 40s in late November in TX (why???).  They do have nice blankets to cover you if you get cold.


Of course, a margarita is the #1 priority here.  It came in a nice martini glass in this case.  Very smooth and a perfect start to the evening.


The menu had way too many great options on it, but guacamole was a must.  They make it at your table, too.  It was delicious!  They use orange juice in it, versus a more traditional lime or lemon.  They also use roasted tomatoes which made it even better.  You can snag the recipe from their site.


When going to restaurants I usually try to order something I won’t make at home so I finally opted for the Mesquite Grilled Quail.  I was able to get grilled veggies vs the traditional pepper jack grits with fried parsley and jalapeno chips and chipolte demiglace due to my lactose issue.  This stuff was amazing!  I hadn’t eating quail for ages.  The flavors all around were amazing.


I can see why this restaurant has such a great reputation.  Check it out when you’re in San Antonio.