Blue Star Brewing Company

Last Day in San Antonio…time to try some local brew.  I had seen this place on a super long exploratory walk (10+ miles) the first day I was there.  Now had 4+ hours to kill before catching my plane, why not walk a bit to check this place out for some local fare, in more ways than one?

So, walked a couple miles (south) on the Riverwalk to the Blue Star Brewing Company.


Checked out the beer menu and wanted to do a sampler.  You can pick any of their brews and get as many as you’d like in 4-oz. pours.  Great idea!  And they cost $1-$3 each.  After reading and reading the descriptions I finally picked four — I’m not going to start with more than a pint’s worth of beer.  And, some of the ABVs on these were high.


So I went with:

Texican:  South Texas Lager, dry, crisp & mild.  Flavors with leave you thirsty for more, 4.0% ABV. — This was my favorite!

Flying Pig:  Extra Pale Ale, Refreshing, beautifully hopped, well balanced light colored ale, 5.0% –  good hops, not overpowering.

Dunkelhead: Dark, bold and refreshing lager, 5.6% — not my style, glad I tried it, though.

Wheathead: Refreshingly satisfying wheat beer, ABV 5.2% — off/odd for wheat.  I was expecting more of a Hef.

There food was good.  Had a delicious salad with salmon.


Great way to close out my week in San Antonio.  Check this place out if you’re looking for some local brew and you’re in the area.