Blood, Sweat, & Beer

Today I checked out the DC Independent Film Festival to view a screening of a movie that sounded very interesting — Blood, Sweat, & Beer.

IMG_2434[1]bloodsweatbeerIt’s “a feature documentary about the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the dramatic journeys of two start-up breweries.”  The producers interviewed over 100 brewers and narrowed it down to two. Throughout the movie, there are some great stats about beer, good interviews, and all around solid information about this great drink.

The brewers from the Pittsburgh-area are (relatively) recent college grads who had to submit a location for a senior year project and soon thereafter launched The Brew Gentlemen (that’s the very quick story for it).  They have made a huge contribution to help a rundown steel town come back to life. We sampled a couple of their brews. Good stuff.

IMG_2431[1] The other brewery featured is that of beach lover who has been in Ocean City pretty much his whole life and wanted to change the scene from macro to micro brews — Backshore Brewing Company.  He had to start it small because there is not much room on the boardwalk, from seating to brewery material proper.  But, you have to start somewhere.  He’s gone through some ups and downs, from the name to the size, but it’s growing and growing.  I tried their light beer and it was nice!

IMG_2425[1]The movie is due out later this year.  If you like independent films and/or beer, worth checking it out.

Oh My Clydesdale!

As I’m traveling across the country, there was a stop in St. Louis. That meant a visit to the Anheuser-Busch brewery was due.



But, the only thing I truly wanted to see was the horses. I have done much work for A-B and I told them I never needed money (I say that as though I was the one truly getting the pay, I know my employer wouldn’t be thrilled with this thought), all I wanted was to do was come see the Clydesdales and play with the Dalmatians and Labs. What more could one ask???

So, we arrived at the brewery and did indeed enjoy a cold brew first. I’m not a huge fan of macrobrews (and will say I’m disappointed in how InBev/A-B, and some other names are trying to take over the beer industry), so I did not have a Budweiser. I opted for Shock Top, the good ol’ original one. They had the seasonal (pumpkin) one on tap (which I’ve had in the past and it’s pretty good), as well as the apple brew. They also had the good non-Bud brews available, including Bass, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Kirin, Stella, Beck’s, Goose Island, which they now own.


We were able to get a horse-tour only pass to go check out the great Bud icons.


Off we went to get a history of the horses and what they do. There was one outside and the rest were in there rough digs inside. They have quite the life.








We were also told about the farm where many more of the horses live, Warm Springs Ranch, and stopped by it the next day. Acres and acres of land where several hundreds of these majestic guys live. It was closed when were arrived (and tough to get a tour, anyway) but I was able to snap a couple pics.




So, I got most of what I wanted to see. Now I just want to see the dogs, both the Dalmatians and Labs, and my A-B goal will be complete!