Vermont, we have a problem

Innovation is key, yes indeed.  But sometimes staying a step behind helps people stay away from ‘harmful’ things.  What am I referencing?  Ben & Jerry’s, that just slightly known ice cream name based in Vermont, has just come out with a non-dairy ice cream.  Lactose-intolerant ones, oh lactards, let’s rejoice! Also, if wondering, it’s certified vegan. I see trouble on the horizon…

I happened to read a press release about this about a month or so ago and have been waiting for this stuff to come out.  Finally found it after going to…I’m not going to say how many stores.



I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I have eaten Chunky Monkey.  I just sort of let that spoon hang out of my mouth.  Are there really four servings in a container?


Vermont, you have really caused a problem here.  I’m going to start spending way too much money and will need to go to the gym a bit more frequently.  Besides Chunky Monkey, they also have a few other flavors of the non-dairy addiction.  Totally check this stuff out.


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