Plane Food

When traveling (internationally) and therefore actually getting fed on the plane I always kind of wonder what the food will be.  Being lactose intolerant I always run the risk of not being able to eat what is served.  Some airlines don’t offer the lactose-intolerant option.  They have gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan.  The first two have the cheese thrown in there.  So, I opted for vegan recently to see what might come out because I know there would be no cheese coming into play.  I will say, not too bad.

One meal had some Indian flair to it.  I love that it came with fresh veggies and fruit!

IMG_3258For another meal I got a veggie sandwich (it was artichokes, avocado and tomato) on focaccia bread and I also got hummus.  It was in heaven.


So if you’re looking for something new, request a different type of meal when booking your (international) flight.

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