DC Harvest

Checked out a new restaurant in one of DC’s growing neighborhood’s recently.  Visited DC Harvest on H Street.

dcharvestPhoto Source: dc-harvest.com

While walking to the restaurant from Union Station one thing I noticed was the ‘Coming Soon’ signs for the trolley.  Can’t wait to see when that actually happens.  Could be years away.  Anyway, the restaurant is fairly new — opened in November of 2014.  They have a great bar right near the door with a variety of taps and variety of drinks on the menu.

IMG_2602They also give you these additive sweet potatoes chips to nibble on as soon as you sit down.

IMG_2605Though the taps were all appealing I opted for one of their concoctions, the Betty White, which has a nice raspberry and bubbly touch.



Eventually sat down for dinner and they had great options from moutwatering salad to seafood dishes.  I opted for the trout, which was served with kale and mushrooms.  They change the menu seasonally so you get a nice variety.  This was absolutely delicious!  Would definitely recommend checking this place out if live in DC or are visiting.  Easy walk from Union station or a quick cab ride.


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