So, after making the salad a couple weeks ago with turnips, and being quite happy with the taste of those root veggies I hadn’t tasted for ages, had to give them another try – T2, .  Also, since I had purchased two of them I also don’t like food to go to waste.  I googled some recipes to see what I could find and nothing overly exciting was coming up so I basically just decided to roast them and make ‘home fries’ — aka the same as what you’d do with potatoes.   IMG_2634

I cubed them and threw some delicious Penzey’s spices on there.

IMG_2635IMG_2636 Put them in the oven at about 400 for 20-30 minutes.  I checked them after 20 and decided they needed more time.

They looked good after 30.  Tasted them and you know what, they really just weren’t that exciting.  Sort of mushy (?).  Maybe I overcooked them?  Maybe their flavor had been nicely hidden when I enjoyed them in the (crispy) salad a couple weeks ago.  Oh well, I tried them so that’s all I needed to do.  At least the turnip didn’t go to waste.


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