Veggie Hybrid

You can rarely say no to samples when you to into grocery stores!  So, when doing my weekly shopping at Trader Joe’s the other day they had these green leafy things out to lure you in.  Hmmm…let’s investigate.  They mentioned the name, sounded safe, took the bite, SOLD!  They were sampling Kale Sprouts.

IMG_2214It’s essentially a hybrid between delicious kale and amazing Brussels sprouts…how can you go wrong?  You’re getting great taste and all the (insert loads of info) health benefits in one bite!  The official rundown on them per the package:


When pulled out of the bag, so cute!

IMG_2215Based on how they cooked them in the store (and tips on the back of the bag), I sauteed/steamed them.  I also added garlic, of course.  So, just put a bit of oil a pan, added garlic, tossed the kale sprouts in there for a bit, added some water then covered the pan and waited about 3 minutes.  Then just sprinkled some lemon juice over top and some S&P.  Voila!  Delicious little ‘things’ — don’t know what else to call them.  Give them a try if you see them in your local TJ’s.


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