Recently found out about a newish (one year old) restaurant in DC at Union Market.  It’s a growing area and Union Market alone has tons of great little (food) shops.  The restaurant is Bidwell, and there is also a restaurant by the same chef in NYC. They have a garden on the rooftop and in the summer grow their own herbs and veggies — nice!

IMG_2189Our ‘table’ was great — right in front of the kitchen so we got to watch all the action take place.  It was a busy night, they didn’t expect it, so stuff was a bit under par, but that just meant we got to watch more of the fun take place.

It took awhile to get our cocktails because they had one bartender but I eventually received my City Sage.



Quite unique.  I’m not a huge bourbon drinker but that sage intrigued me.  Was totally worth trying it!

For an appetizer, we tried some of the highly-kitchen-rated Brussel sprouts.  So nice and crisp and crunchy — give me more!



We then had to try the kale salad, just super fresh, with pine nuts and a nice vinaigrette (that had anchovies in it to give it a perfect saltiness).


To cap it off, went with the salmon served over cauliflower.  Again, very good — after I received it 3 times over.  They initially told me there was no dairy, but that white stuff at the very bottom is mostly dairy.  The second time I got it, the cauliflower should be outside right now (freezing), the third time, delicious!


Overall, I will totally check this place out again.  The manager apologized for the slow service but the food was delicious.  If you’re in DC and can make it to Union Market, check this place out.

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