I passed!

In the fall I took the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) II wine course (which I posted about after each class) through the Capital Wine School.  We learned about wine, from start to finish, how to smell it, taste it, know it, rate it, x, y, z.  Then, there’s of course a test when you take a course.  This thing was hard.  I hadn’t studied for an exam for awhile (at least a non-open book one) and you would think studying about wine would be fun.  I didn’t get around to making flashcards, but was close (and some people did).  I studied for hours and it was a multiple choice test!  When all was said and done, I passed.  I have know successfully completed the WSET II Course.  Debating III…it’s pricey and apparently that test it even worse.  Multiple choice, essay and blind tasting.  But, we’ll see, it could be fun.  Taste on, my friends, taste on.


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