OR Winery Visits

After checking out the first Oregon winery, I was nice and warmed up.  I checked out several others during the rest of my days in wine country.

Adelsheim Vineyard — Not what I was expecting, as in many whites.  But, lots of reds, too…


Bergstrom Winery — Took/could taste a ton of influence from France.


Alexana Winery — First, fun road to get there/a little off the beaten path!  Great variety of wines, hard to pick from (as in which was best).


Lange Estate Winery and Vineyards — that fishing lure of a logo pulls you in then you get the goods!  I love Pinot land!


Sokol Blosser Winery — They just remodeled their tasting room, which was very nice to check out.   I had never had a Rose from OR.  There is a first (amazing) time for everything!  They also make an ‘everyday’/table wine under the name of Evolution.


Great time, great wines, keep ’em coming Oregon!

2 thoughts on “OR Winery Visits

  1. The only winery on your list I’ve visited is Sokol Blosser and it was a great experience. I’d love to go back and see the new tasting room. I had the rose too and thought it was great…brought home a bottle!


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