Came across a new (Old Vine) Zinfandel last week that is wonderful.  It’s Predator in Lodi, CA.  It has some nice fruit, I tasted mostly cherries, then the other taste(s) I found was leather.  There was something else that I just couldn’t place.  Was also thick/chewy, but not overwhelming.  Great wine, and I found it in the DC-area for about $12 (at Total Wine).  Totally recommend checking it out if you’re looking for something new.


Beer Class — Autumn Equinox: Fall’s Beer Harvest

I get the great emails from Total Wine and when reading one recently they another drink in it — BEER!  They were offering some great beer classes and one caught my attention — Autumn Equinox: Fall’s Beer Harvest.  How can you go wrong?  I think of this time of year with all the great pumpkin brews (apparently they started coming out super early because somebody with the first name Sam located in New England decided to hit the shelves much earlier than normal).

We had many great sips that night.  We started with Marzen from Germany (on the right) — October(fest) beer, then worked our way to pumpkin brews.  My favorite German beer was the 2nd one (from the right).  I can’t remember the name but the picture gives the label.

My next favorite was the Lost Rhino Brewing Company’s RhinO’fest Marzen.  It’s an Amber Lager.  Great flavors.

When we moved on to the one with the frog on it and the Shipyard, they truly tasted like liquid pumpkin pie.  Overly sweet.  Crazy!

It was a very fun night a fun, trying sips of so many different beers.


Wine Crack(ers)

You can drink wine alone — there is zero problem with that.  You can find a wine that pairs perfectly with your meal.  You can find a meal to pair very nicely with your wine.  Or, you can find snacks to nibble on while sipping your wine.  While at the wine store, namely Total Wine, working a wine tasting and they give you these little nibbles to include at your table.  Innocent little off-white globes, about the size of a thumb nail.  These are Wine CRACKers.  OMG.  So, so, so good.  I don’t know what is in these things but they are addictive!!!



Per the website, they are “O.T.C. Original Wine crackers are delicate, dry, yet slightly sweet with a hint of lemon and a touch of vanilla. O.T.C. Wine Crackers cleanse the palate and enhance the subtle flavor of fine wines. But you don’t have to be a wine lover to enjoy OTC wine crackers. While many people first experience them with wine, most end up eating them as a delicious snack or treat.”

They are totally right — have them on hand — they are like candy, oh, I mean snacks.  So good!  I’ve seen them at Total Wine and Wegman’s.  Googling them brings up many other options, as well.

Georgia on my Mind

When you read the title, is this the first thing that pops into your head?

Well, Ray Charles, while you’re thinking about a lady, I am exploring the world.  Some people equate Georgia to peaches.  Last night I equated it to grapes.  And I’m talking about jumping across the Atlantic to a new country and trying some very unique new wine, not just simple fruit.

First, we likely know where the state of GA is but can we pinpoint the country?  Crash course:


Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Georgian wine.  Apparently, Georgia is about the oldest wine region in the world.  It’s where the world’s first grapevines were cultivated, oh, some 8,000 years ago.  But who’s counting?  They have about half a dozen key wine regions in the country.

Last night my first sampling form the country was Teliani Valley Saperavi.  It was about $10 bottle from Total Wine in VA.  The nose has leather and smoke.  When drinking it, medium body, with some light fruit notes.  Just very, very unique.  For ten bucks, totally worth it.  There were several others at the store, about $5 more, so will have to check them out.

If you’ve had Georgian wine(s), please share your thoughts!  Would love to hear what you think about them.