Guinness Factory

Of course when one travels to Ireland for the first time it’s almost a given/requirement to visit the Guinness factory.  While planning the visit, I luckily received tips to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines once arriving.

Unlike most brewery tours it was self-guided and you could read through everything and go at your own pace.  You get all information from history to brewing process to marketing and more.

With the tour you received a (free) pint of the stout.  Now, one could go to the 6th floor of the building and have it poured for them, or you could stop by the 4th floor and learn how to pour it properly.  Hello, that’s a given!  So much fun to pour your own brew.

Very fun part of Dublin, Ireland.  Cheers!

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Domestic ‘Irish’ Beer

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, another storm hit the area, which means there is no work.  It even means I don’t get to teach class at the gym tonight.  So, after meeting a friend for lunch (and walking there and back in the nice (?) slush and snow to attempt getting a workout) I was on a mission to get a (n)ice cold beer for the day.  I stopped by a great local beer store in Bethesda, Beer, Wine & Co. to see what I could snag one bottle of vs. a 6-pack.  Of course I couldn’t get Guinness or Harp in a single, so a bottle by great local brewer, Flying Dog, was suggested.  It was their Lucky SOB Irish Style Red.  Very nice and perfect for the day.  Just a traditional red, crisp and what I wanted.  And, they say it’s brewed with 4-leaf clovers, you can never go wrong with that!