Breathe, Decant, Aerate

I received a free copy of Cook’s Illustrated in the mail recently (can’t complain about that) and there was a funny/interesting piece about letting wine meet oxygen.  There are so many thoughts about how long you should let a wine breathe, if it should be decanted, if you can use a simple aerator.  It also depends on what varietal, the age of the wine and more.  So these guys have some fun tips on doing this quickly.  What do you think…and how do you normally aerate your vino?


Bartender, a Malbec please







It’s April 17th.  Do you know what that means?  It’s Malbec World Day!  What a day to celebrate.  Open that bottle, pour, or grab that bartender’s attention (quickly!) and enjoy.

You might have that one varietal that you are stuck to, that you won’t steer clear of.  Unless you’re already a Malbec lover (which means you’re thrilled and had wine vs. coffee this morning), take today as your jumping off point to sample a new varietal.  You never know…you might have a new favorite.

And, have you ever wondered how many varietals there are for you to try?  Check out this list.

Happy Malbec Sipping.