Man’s Best Friend

I get a call from a friend the other night telling me she has to put her 10-year old black lab down today.  Slam!  Not what I was expecting, or wanting, to hear.  Needed to go over to see her, and him (the dog), man’s best friend, one last time.  My friend picked up some wine to honor him — LAB.  It’s a winery in Portugal and they have 2 blends, a red and a white, both screw tops.  The red was fruity and had a bit of spice to it.  The white was crisp and citrusy.  And, both under $10.  I would give you a link to the site but it’s under construction.  We enjoyed this while playing with the black lab one more night.  May man’s best friend rest in peace.

photo 1

photo 2


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Give Me a Fiver

Who’s not always looking for a bargain, and a good tasting one at that?  Just saw this great article/blog on about value wines under $5.  Will definitely add these to my notes.  Never hurts to have them around.

Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw (aka Two Buck Chuck)
Trader Joe’s Coastal
Whole Foods Three Wishes
Walmart Oak Leaf
ALDI’S Winking Owl