Beirut, Auckland, NZ

Another night, another restaurant.  Asked for another suggestion from the concierge and this time because of what we were looking for, the restaurant suggestion was Beirut, which is contemporary middle-eastern food.


After pouring over the menu, we opted to split several small dishes and opted for:

Za’attar: kale, thyme, coriander, sumac, goat’s cheese

Fattoush: watermelon, beetroot, cucumber, orange blossom, parsley

Bubba: burnt eggplant, black sujuk, toasted sesame, black cabbage

Skate:  fermented apple water, bees wax, pine oil, onion ash, batarekh, white radish


All were amazing.  The bubba just melted in your mouth.  The radish wasn’t my favorite in the fish dish (skate) but the rest of it was great.  Love this kind of food!

Fuga Japanese Brasserie, Auckland, NZ

On the second night in Auckland, opted to go for some Japanese fare.  Found a place right around the corner from the hotel, Fuga Japanese Brasserie, that wasn’t busy.  It was also pretty hidden/subtle.  When we walked in, we were definitely in the minority, which likely meant it was not common for tourists to check this place out.  Makes it all the better.


The table opted for some sake and Japanese brew.


Went for some pretty basic food options that night.  Some nice soup (it was cold out that day), fresh salad, sashimi and nigiri.


Pretty good, though the fish didn’t have any outstanding flavor.  The service was a bit slow, but very nice.  Good choice overall.




Depot Eatery, Auckland, NZ

First night in Auckland, received a suggestion from the concierge to not walk more than 100 feet outside front door of the hotel to this place called Depot Eatery for dinner  They don’t take reservations so you just either get there early or wait patiently in line.


We were fortunately there on a weeknight so it wasn’t too crazy but still had to wait.  Once we got a seat, we got to sit at the bar, which makes it more fun.  While looking over the menu of course it was necessary to grab a drink.  There was wine on tap.  Awesome!  Always love trying that stuff.  It was perfect.


Then, they bring you white bean hummus and pita bread to nibble on while picking food.


While looking over the menu we asked for suggestions from the bartender.  It was the kingfish.  Ok, sold. The description was Kingfish belly w/ eggplant kasundi, lime & toasts.  We chose that and Brussels sprouts  — ‘not your mothers’ w/ ‘Otello’s’ pancetta & walnut crumbs.



There was nothing left on either of these plates.  Amazing food.  So glad this restaurant was recommended and can totally see why it has a wait.