Domestic (Ostrich) Disappointment

A few years ago I traveled to South Africa.  In addition to having some of the best wine in the world, I enjoyed some of the best meat I’ve ever had.  One of my two favorites was Ostrich.  It was so lean and had a very unique flavor.  So when I got home I searched and searched.  You can occasionally… find it, but for a price.

I was recently able to get some.  Cheaper than before.  Ok, it was $40/lb. They sell it in 8 oz. packages for $19.99. Yes, GULP!   And it was ground, so we were making burgers.  My rationale on buying this stuff. You go to a restaurant and spend $10-$15 for a (beef) burger.  You buy the Ostrich, it’s $10 a burger and it’s good, healthy unique meat.  Then you serve your own good wine with it. That’s cheaper, or can be so, than wine per glass in a restaurant (which you wouldn’t likely order with a burger anyway in a restaurant) and get healthy sides vs. fries.  Perfect rationale, right?  You also don’t have to include tax and tip.

So it was purchased, we grilled.  Served it with kale chips and one of the great Trader Joe’s grain blends…oh and an amazing red!  Took a bite of the Ostrich meat. Really, that’s not what I had in South Africa.  I know it’s farm raised here and I was beyond disappointed.  But, you learn by trying and it was worth the experience.  To the next taste test.




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