Beetroot and Cashew Dips

Was recently on vacation in Australia and New Zealand and wasn’t able to post anything while there, since I was  without a computer.  So finally getting to things!

So, there is hummus, baba ganoosh and then beetroot.  Nearly everywhere you turned in Australia you saw beets.  Can’t go wrong, I kind of like them.  The interesting twist on them was the beetroot dip.  It’s in the same type of container as hummus and you can find it in the same section of the grocery store.

The best one I had was the Beetroot & Fresh Dill Dip.  The ingredients:  beetroot (80%), sunflower oil, sugar, onion, dill (5%), white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, pomegranate molasses, sweet paprika, salt, veg. gum. And don’t be alarmed at the best before date, their format is day/month/year.


I’m totally going to try to make this.  Though I think when I make it I’ll use olive oil, have to test some garlic, don’t think I need the veg gum, and might skip the molasses, too.

The other good dip I came across was Spicy Mango, Lime & Cashew.  The ingredients:  mango (33%), cashews (17%), dried mango (16%), capsicum, sugar, salt, lime juice (1%), spices, food acid, preservative, natural flavor.  Don’t know I am I going to test this one, though you never know.



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