The Urban Winery

There is a relatively new wine place in Silver Spring, MD that I finally checked recently — The Urban Winery.  They serve their own wine, local wine and a few other wines.


Went on a Friday night and it was pretty quiet (maybe 10 people there).  Was a bit surprised at that.  Several wine options on the menu and opted for a flights of the house-made wines.  They limit what you can get, unfortunately, in their flights.  So I finally opted for their un-oaked Chard and two reds (Syrah and Philotimo).

It took about 15 minutes to get our wine.  The Chard was half decent.  The Syrah was ok at the start but after a sip or two it really just tasted like grape juice.  The Philotimo tasted like dirt.

As we were tasting the wine, we ordered some food.  Flatbreads were on happy hour special for $4.  Sure!  A simple pizza-like dish.  We requested it with no mozzarella, just feta because of the lactose intolerance.  It took over 25 minutes to get this simple dish.  Ok.


My friend and I finished our first (not great) wine and opted for a second round and more food, too.  I opted for a glass of Hungarian red and my friend got a local wine.

We also ordered a mezze platter and the avocado toast.  At this point there were about 6 people in the restaurant.  It took over 45 minutes to get our food, which didn’t seem normal since it was not really a cooked meal.  Another problem, once the food came out, the avocado toast had cheese on it after the waitress knew I was lactose intolerant.  So, had to be returned.  It took another 15 minuted to get the proper order, which is just guac spread on bread.



If you can’t tell, I’m not overly impressed with this place.  Long wait, high prices, not great wine, bad service.  Not going back.

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