Recently dined at a sushi restaurant in Chinatown, DC, Momoji to be exact.  You walk in and they have a very small bright downstairs area or you can ask to go upstairs to a more quaint (sort 0f) Asian restaurant.


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We were there right at the end of happy hour and there were some great prices on the menu that we were able to snag with 5 minutes left.  Note: you can only order 1 drink/per person at a time.  Even if you were the only person sitting at the table, you can only order one drink at a time.  You can’t stockpile pre-end of happy hour.  Really?

Cocktail-wise we opted for some asian beer and a pear drink.  That thing was pretty good.

They had some seasonal food on the menu and a Christmas roll came to the table.


I ordered the squid salad…very good (sorry for the bad light in the picture).


For main indulgence we got the Chirashi Dinner of 13 pcs sashimi (chef’s choice) over seasoned rice.  So good with several varieties of fish.  Every piece of that got finished!


Overall good food.  Service was slow, happy hour had good prices.  Worth checking out if you’re in the area.


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