La Paloma

Venturing down the Riverwalk in San Antonio a few more times in San Antonio of course means more restaurants had to be enjoyed.  This was also because I was there for a week-long work event.

Another place I decided to try was La Paloma.  Since I love mexican food I have to eat it any chance I get.


Of course had to start with margaritas, chips, guac and salsa. Unfortunately it took a good while to get all of these items because even though the restaurant was near empty, it was a good 10-15 minutes before we got a waiter, even though the hostess was watching over us.

I was lured to this venue because when glancing at the menu I noticed they had ceviche, one of my favorite ‘things’ — had to get that.

It was Ceviche de Camaron, fresh shrimp marinated in olive oil, lime and orange juice, oregano, and pico de gallo.  When it finally arrived, I was a bit disappointed. They used cocktail shrimp instead of decent size shrimp.  And it tasted like they’d been cooked first then tossed with the juices.  This is versus being ‘cooked’ in the juice.  It was not that good, but still edible.


My friend opted for Camarones a la Diabla; jumbo shrimp sauteed in Chipolte butter and garlic seasoning. Served with Spanish rice and black beans.


He said it was quite good and the black beans were amazing.  Can’t go wrong there.

So, I personally don’t give the place a resounding endorsement, but it was nice to sit outside and, it was nice out by the end of the week so there were decent temps to enjoy the evening while sipping the decent margaritas.

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