So I actually went to see that movie about the guy who made all those computers that aren’t PCs.  No, I don’t own one.  It was interesting, though the end was a bit odd…could we not have brought us forward another decade+.

Ok, onto food…since the movie let out around 9:30, one must eat!  There has been such a change in downtown Bethesda in the last several years and even more so in the past 6 months.  So, new restaurants are popping up all over.  My friend and I checked out Silver.  I was unaware until that night that it is the posh version of Silver Diner.


We almost had to wait for a table at 9:30pm — it has to be good.  The interior design of this place is quite nice. The chairs alone have some leather that we couldn’t quite identify.  I almost felt under dressed!  The drink menu is extensive and some of the shakes — I almost thought they could curdle with the contents coming against each other.  Dang, sometimes I wish I could have one!

After way too much surveying of the menu (because I couldn’t decide) I opted for two appetizers, Crispy Brussels Sprouts that were cinnamon chipotle spiced, with apricots, cranberries, pecans, ranch (nixed that) and Wild Caught Scallops with lemon garlic sauce, wilted spinach, feta, cilantro.

This food was amazing.  I had to finish every single Brussels sprout on the plate.


And all the flavors of coming together on the perfectly cooked scallops…just take me to heaven now.


This place will be worth checking out for other meals.



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