3 Stars Brewing Company

Washington, DC is becoming a growing microbrew market, between the city proper and local areas.  Many of the new ones are in the city, and are helping some of the run-down areas get a face lift, since they cost less to operate (lower rent) and then bring traffic to the area.  I was recently housesitting and found out about 3 Stars Brewing Company that was less than a mile from where I was staying — perfect!  It’s right near Takoma Park in DC/MD.  It’s in the far east side of the NW quadrant of DC.  Go a couple blocks and you’re in NE.


It’s very hidden in a row of industrial buildings — they could use a bigger sign.  They’re open Thursday-Sunday for tastings and tours.  They also have an area for homebrewers to come get the ingredients they want to brew their own stuff, aka their Homebrew Shop.

The menu is pretty vast and you can taste 4oz. pours for $1.50.  You can’t go wrong with that.  The ABV range is also pretty wide so you also have to be pretty cautious on some levels.



I’m torn between the Peppercorn and Ghost as to which one was my favorite.

In addition to the nice tastes, you can of course get pints as well as growler fills.  This would be there perfect place to go on the weekend with their picnic tables, They mentioned food trucks also swing by so you can fill the stomach with food in addition to beer.

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