Baby Eggplant

Was roaming around the produce section at Sprouts the other day and saw these random purple, oblong-ish things that I didn’t recognize at first.  Stopped and then determined what they were.  Whoa — baby eggplant.  So neat.  They were 1.5″-2″ long and just too good to pass up.  And, they were a whopping 5 for $1.

IMG_1777[1]To cook, decided to slice them in half, longways, season with some Italian herbs, drizzle with olive oil and put on the grill.

IMG_1779[1]Cooked for 10+ minutes, turning once.  So good.  You could eat them in one bite, scoop out the middle, pop the inside out by pressing from the skin.  They had just a bit of a different taste from regular eggplant.  They would be perfect to serve as appetizers because they can totally be finger food.


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