Chocolate and wine…combined

Office, client visit, who happens to be a doctor, thoughtful gift brought from a trip to California. What does it reveal…WINE.  What does it next reveal…some kind of heavenly trouble.  It’s a good thing doctors tell you wine and dark chocolate have antioxidants, that they’re good for you and all that other jargon because wow, this was a drug in a bottle.  What did we get?  An innocent (bottle of) chocolate bar by Riboli Wines/San Antonio Winery — (NOT in TX).


It’s on the dessert-side of wine.  Sort of port-like.  It’s 18% alcohol, so enjoy this as dessert…maybe paired with some angel food cake, strawberries or raspberries.  You can only snag it at the winery proper in CA.  So if you’re out there, pick up a bottle.  Because, going back to do some research on their website, they don’t even list it on there!  They only list a Cab.



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