Beer and Bike Tour

Being in San Francisco doesn’t mean you’re only near wine country.  You are also around some good craft breweries.  I came across a tour that was worth checking out —  Small-Group Craft Brews and Bike Tour.    You get to taste local stuff, check out some of the city ‘on foot’ and attempt to burn some of what you enjoyed with exercise. Can’t go wrong, right?

So you get to the tour office and get quickly fitted for your bike.  The small tour is max of 8 people, we had 6.  As we were leaving, one of the best parts was seeing the tour guide’s helmet — a hockey helmet!  He said he just couldn’t find a bike helmet that really worked for him so this was best.  Loved it!


So our first stop was 21st Amendment.  It was a about a 5 minute ride from the start/office.  The tour included one free beer and this is where we got it.  I took some quick sips of a couple before deciding on the 5 South (this is a different beer, so mine was a different color/look).



Then we had about a 10-15  minute bike ride.  Next stop was ‘just’ a bar that tapped local brews (all of CA), Zeitgeist.  The staff was a bit arrogant and we only found out when we arrived that they only take cash.  After snapping a picture of the board, I also was told you can’t take pictures after the sign just said no phones.  I took that as no using phones to talk.  Anyway, I went for the Baby Daddy.  Nice beer.  Good and bad on the bar, though.  We went outside to the patio to enjoy our brews.  You can smoke at this place…and you can smoke anything…



To get to the next stop we had a very fun 20+ minute bike ride getting to see more of the city.  The we arrived at Cerveceria de Mateveza.  Great place to try a flight.  Opted for the Yerba IPA, Morpho, Local Honey and Spring Bloom Single.  All were very good but it was the end of the tour and all were starting to blend.


We then got to ride back to the office and most was downhill.  It was a 30+ minute effort but very relaxing.  Fun day in San Francisco!

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