Size Can Matter

The world of wine is constantly in a state of flux.  First corks started going from true cork to synthetic.  Then we started getting these screw top things.  I will say at first I was not impressed but I am starting to like them, but I will always love traditional corks.  And now, the size of the container of wine you buy is changing!  The 750ml bottle should always be around, there can be the standby 1.5L and maybe the splits or tiny ones that you use for cooking or slipping into your pocket.

But now you go into the store and talk about eye candy!  I was in World Market last weekend and just had to take pictures.  Talk about kid in a candy store.  So there were 3 other size options (I’d seen some of them a couple times but they overtook the wine section).

#1 350ml bottle, screw top, metal bottle (that might not be what it’s truly made of, but looks that way).  This could totally pass for a non-alcoholic drink (if you peeled the label).  And check out the caps — white for white, red for red.  Genius!  These were about $6/bottle.



#2 500 ml — I don’t know what you want to call it — paper bottle.  I know there is a better name.  Plastic screw top.  Each container has 3 glasses of wine.  Or, hey, if it’s yours for the night, either get a straw or drink straight from the bottle!  The cost for these was about $5.




#3 3L Box Wine.  Box wine’s been around for awhile but is getting good now.  There are 4 bottles per box.  Per ‘them’ there are 24 glasses in a box — are there really 6 glasses in a bottle?  This one was selling for about $16.



Great to see what’s happening in wine world.  Size can matter based on the situation…BBQ, tailgating, night out, night in, sample, and more.  Taste on, my friends, taste on.

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