Genes & Food

You learn something new everyday is all too true.  I was reading this short, interesting article earlier today in National Geographic about how (some of) what we eat is somehow tied to us, DNA-wise.  As the articles states, ‘…at first glance, look like cousins.’  Glad they said that because for a second I had to think…does this truly mean we are what we eat?

Photo Credit:  Wikipedia

Ok, back on true topic.  From that flank steak & burger to a great chicken breast; then further down the line, think of that rice some stir-fried chicken might go on top of.  Baker’s yeast — bring on the bread — was on there!  And, wine grapes, not just ‘grape’ grapes made the list.

The article mentions how while all species are unique, from inanimate to breathing objects, we have many genes in common at the base.  Check out the article.  I just though it was great to learn about.  The kitchen and food can be much more/provide much more information than we think.  Talk about food for thought.


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