Crab Feast!

Maryland, summer, hot temps, that means it’s time for crabs!!  Had the pleasure of wandering down the street to one of the local crab restaurants for a 2-hour feast of all-you-can-eat crabs the other night.  And, go Groupon (and the restaurant) — they had a special a week or so ago for 2 for $40.  Can’t beat that.   Let the fun begin.


All the essentials are brought to the table — mallets, knifes, paper towels, buckets, beer.  Why can’t that last one be included?

new 009new 010








new 011(note: this is not Bud, but good stuff, Fat Tire)

Next, the sides of coleslaw, corn and fries.  That corn was good!  This is all tempting us before the essentials arrive!

new 008

Finally…ahh…here they are.  Heaven.  Sometimes I think you actually burn more calories than you take in when eating crabs because of how hard you work to get the meat but it’s well worth it.  Though these were small-medium size, the meat was good!  Couldn’t ask for much more on a Saturday night.

new 013

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